Clear protein water

Clear proteinwater

– Vegan Protein
– Whey Isolate
– Collagen
– Lactose free
– Zero sugar
– Zero fat
– Without preservatives
– Still or sparkling

Muscle mass

Proteins are an essential nutrient for anyone who wants to build and maintain muscle mass. If you do not get enough protein, your bodybreaks down its own muscle (your own source of protein) to turn it into energy. It is therefore very important to get enough proteins for the maintenance and build up of muscle mass.


Proteins are converted into amino acids by the body. Amino acids
are the building blocks of muscle tissue, they are indispensable to
promote the process of muscle repair and muscle building and make it efficient. Also it is vitally important macronutrient used by the body for repairing and maintaining tissues.


Protein water provides the body with extra energy through the day. It is recommended that up to 25% of your total energy intake each day should be from protein sources. The body converts it slowlyand consistently in to energy

Weight loss

Protein water is extremely suitable during a diet. Protein will make you feel full and reduce the urge for unhealthy snacking. You will lose more body fat. Increasing the percentage of your daily calories from protein increases the thermogenic effect on your body

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