Functional & healthy drinks


Our current range consists of many different types of drinks and we are constantly working on new development. We develop customized drinks according to the customer’s wishes.

New Developments:

– Vegan protein water
– Sparkling protein water
– Collagen protein water
– Cognifuel drink

Product range:

– Protein water
– Protein energy
– L-carnitine drinks
– Carbo drinks
– Energy drinks
– BCAA drinks
– EAA drinks
– Isotonic drinks
– Vitamin water
– CBD water

Packaging options:

– rPET bottle
– PET bottle
– Tetra pack
– Cans

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Address: Keizersveld 50-Z, 5803AN Venray - The Netherlands
Adres: Keizersveld 50Z, 5803AN Venray